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Pink Torres Kitesurf Expedition

Trakpro is a proud supporter of the Pink Torres Kitesurfing Expedition. Track LIVE where the team is and follow their progress. The team is using our pure satellite personal trackers as mobile networks are few and far between. Each personal tracker will send in their position every 10 minutes while moving throughout the day. Show your support by donating and joining their Facebook page.

Message from the Kitesurfing Team.

On 14 July we are attempting the hardest thing we’ve ever done in our lives Our team is Kitesurfing across the Torres Strait (the body of water between Queensland and Papua New Guinea) – a world first – to raise $100,000 for the McGrath Foundation We will kitesurf all day, every day, for five days sleeping on uninhabited islands. 100% of donations towards our $100k target go to the McGrath Foundation

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Details and sponsor opportunities all here at Every member of the team will attempt this individually - this is not a relay! There will be attrition and some people won't make it. Success here is as many people as possible making the distance.

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